To coin a well-worn footballing cliche, the 2007/08 season was one of 'consolidation' as far as my websites are concerned.

The 2007 close-season was spent redesigning and completely updating the Nomad-Online website, which was re-launched in August 2007, and in between writing and publishing work I have been developing a new website - Non League Football Grounds - which will be launched in October 2008.

Eventually (and I have no idea how long this will take) the Grounds Directory from Pyramid Passion will be incorporated into NLFG (see below), whereupon the former will be relaunched in the new 'corporate' format, devoted to my more quirky photographs, and those of other contributors.

Examples of my 'classic' Grounds photographs, together with more esoteric shots can be found in the Photographs section of this site.

In adddition I have now set up a Flickr site where I will occasionally add photographic sets of my sports photography, although not necessarily football related. The URL is www.flickr.com/photos/ccpub

Nomad-Online (now at http://sussexcountyfc.milbint.com)

Originally launched in 2000, the Nomad-Online website became established as the online resource for information concerning non-League football in Sussex. At its heart was acomplete and fully illustrated Directory of every club from Conference down to Division Three of the Sussex County League, Unfortunately after the 2007/08 season it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep it updated and therefore, rather than allowing it to completely disappear it was transferred to another enthusiast in the hope that that it would be maintained. Sadly, that hasn't happened but it still serves a useful historical function.



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  Pyramid Passion  

Pyramid Passion (www.pyramidpassion.co.uk)

Launched in 2004, Pyramid Passion proved a phenomenal success but equally something of a monster, with an insatiable appetite that became difficult to satisfy, featuring an extensive nationwide Grounds Directory, plus various galleries featuring dugouts, ground-keeping equipment, signage, floodlights, programme covers and more besides.

Unfortunately the design software proved incompatible when I switched over from PC to Mac during the 2007 close-season and the site has proved impossible to update since then ... at least not without a ridiculous amount of work and re-building. I therefore decided to develop a new site - Non League Football Grounds (NLFG) - to replace Pyramid Passion, and gradually incorporate material from PP into the new one. However, this has taken longer than I first imagined! Rather than take PP offline I decided to leave it as a resource, albeit an out-of-date resource, at least until the new site is established.

Note that links to the Sussex clubs on PP do not work, but can be accessed via the Nomad-Online link (above).


Non League Football Grounds (www.nlfg.co.uk)

The problem with having a cryptically-named site such as 'Pyramid Passion' is when you turn up at a club and ask for permission to take photographs of their ground, officials will understandably ask you for the name of the website. Despite PP being increasingly well-known I still found myself being subjected to quizzical looks and having to explain what the title actually meant.

I have therefore decided to keep PP for the more esoteric material and adopt the wisdom of a well-known manufacturer of home improvements products by developing a new site that "does exactly what it says on the tin".

The intention was to complete this during the 2007/08 season. However, work on A 'Season Of Sussex Soccer', and subsequently 'Wick To Wembley?', not to mention starting a Masters degree on top of my 'proper job' made this impossible. The intention remains to get NLFG up to speed, but this is unlikely to happen before the 2011/12 close-season.


Comin Soon